Reasons why you should consider Internet phone technology for making cheap calls

The way we communicate with each other has undergone a radical change over the last 15 years. It was only a matter of time before someone had the bright idea of combining old and new technology to give people an alternative to the traditional telephone. In 1995, a small company called Vocaltec did exactly that. They realised that they could combine the still-new Internet technology with the old style telephone concept, basically creating an -Internet phone’ system that used the broadband connection instead of traditional landline technology, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) was born.

Today, Voice Over IP is opening up the world of telephony and high-speed telecommunications for everyone. It combines the concepts of the traditional method of making a telephone call with the speed of modern broadband Internet connections to offer customers all over the world a way of making cheap calls both at home and internationally. VoIP now crosses continents, enabling customers to make cheap phone calls all over the world without any loss of voice clarity (a problem that the early VoIP systems tended to suffer from) or the risk of the connection suddenly being -dropped’ in the middle of a conversation. Because Voice Over IP enables customers to make long distance calls but at the same rate as a local call, the savings can be considerable, particularly for businesses and those with family or friends overseas.

VoIP – A new business tool

Where VoIP is really coming into its own is in the business community. No longer restricted to purely large business users, It is particularly useful for small and medium size companies that may have satellite offices in other parts of the world or who regularly deal with clients overseas. For even the smallest business users, the fact that their international calls can be made at the same rate as a local call can save a huge amount of money annually in their communications bills.

It also shows that you mean business. Not only does an Internet phone system save you money, but it also portrays your company in a favourable light as well. It shows that you are embracing the very latest technology and are serious about communicating with your customers on a professional level. The Internet has removed the concept of -borders’ as far as trade is concerned, and VoIP does the same with telephony. With an improvement in the technology comes a much easier way of incorporating VoIP into daily life. The system can now be linked to a standard telephone handset, making using VoIP to make cheap calls literally as easy as picking up the phone.

With the VoIP network spreading as fast as broadband can carry it, Internet phone systems are the most cost effective, business-like and easy way to connect with your customers, family and colleagues around the world – as easily as making a local call. And with the advent of fibre optics making broadband speeds even faster, VoIP’s future is looking distinctly rosy.

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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Voip Technology


VoIP has become so popular that every where in the world you will find this technology evolving exponentially. No matter which business you are running, to be able to get the fullest output you should be relying on the VoIP usage. Like any other technology VoIP has many advantages that is attracting people from all over the world and from any size and type of business to implement the use of VoIP systems. Some of the benefits of VoIP are as follows.


1.Cost Reduction: The VoIP implementation means lowering the total cost of operations and maintenance of the telephony. The cost of both the data and the voice networks are lowered with the usage of IP telephony.
2.Simplification: The equipment and wiring costs are further lowered by the use of integrated systems. As the communication is made through a single wire the systems are more simplified but efficient.
3.Less Complex: The overall implementation of the IP telephony systems universally allows the system to be less complex.
4.Advanced Features: The advance feature like video conferencing and tele presence is done by the integration of data and voice over the same medium. This increases the efficiency of the overall system.
5.Lower Call Rates: The VoIP enables all the international calling to be performed at a lower call rates. The calls are cheaper than the local existing PSTN calls.
6.Mobile System: The IP Telephony is done via MAC addressing thus the system is mobile; it can be plugged anywhere in the network.
7.Flexible: The system makes sure that the voice can be delivered any where in the world regardless of the media the other side is using.
8.Increased Bandwidth: The high data rates makes it efficient to deliver voice using less bandwidth.


Like any other thing in this world VoIP also has some disadvantages regardless of its vast benefits.

1.VoIP telephones are still dependent on the wall power. This means that if there is no power the VoIP phones are useless. They can’t function when there is no power. The system uses the phantom power provided by the central office. If there is no power the traditional phones still works but VoIP systems need to be more stable when it comes to the power source.
2.VoIP systems can’t be integrated with the digital videed with the digital video recorders and security systems. Although all these syslthough all these systems use the phone lines but they can’t be integrated into the VoIP system.
3.In case of emergency VoIP calls are not very reliable. In some cases these calls might not function as we want them to and thus a local phone line serves the best.
4.VoIP systems are susceptible to different factors like call packet loss, jitter and latency. These factors lower the call quality. Also the VoIP systems can easily be attacked by viruses and hackings.

Euclid Vision – The Best Facial Recognition System

Security is a very important aspect and has gained a lot of significance recently. With the threats to human life, it is extremely important to protect the wellbeing of people and safe guard their lives. There are different types of security systems like alarm systems, finger print recognition, facial recognition and much more. Corporate companies, industries, adopt these security measures to prevent loss of life. Government managed public places and privately managed public places too are focusing on this aspect to reduce the risk of damage and loss of human life. In context to security, we shall discuss the role and importance of security systems in an organization. Apart from security, there is another aspect of the facial recognition system. It is widely used on the internet. It may be a little difficult to understand what exactly we are discussing. Well, let us throw some more light on this concept.

Technology has advanced drastically and internet has gained a lot of significance. Several companies are resorting to internet marketing as a part of their advertising strategies. The use of online marketing technique works as a crowd puller and increases traffic on the website. There are different ways in which an organization can promote its product, service or brand name. One such instrument is the video compression technology. It is estimated that by 2013, all forms of video content will account for more than 90% of the global consumer traffic on the internet. The internet infrastructure will increase drastically in the future. In fact, techniques like object based video search, video conferencing, and facial recognition are adopted by various organizations as a part of their promotional campaigns. These technologies offer various benefits and of the most prominent benefit is the IP traffic.

Strengths Of Technology

If you wish to expand your business and increase sales then you must look for a solution provider. There are companies that offer these software solutions that will allow you to upload videos on your portal without eating up too much space. Not just that, you can also initiate video conferencing on your website. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from a company that specializes in video compression technology.

File Size – In spite of uploading video streams on your website, you will have enough free space to put up other content, product pictures, and product descriptions and much more on your website. This is because the software will reduce the file size of a video.

Bandwidth Optimization – When there is higher traffic on your website, you will need more bandwidth else, the portal will operate at a slow speed. The pages may not upload quickly and this can affect your business. Facial recognition and other such techniques are good as long as they are work quickly. However, with advanced technology the encoding size of a video is reduced and this reduces the bandwidth consumption.

There are some other benefits too like cloud based video distribution, personal video systems, digital rights management and so on. The technology can be combined to suit your specific needs. The software can be customized to suit your business requirements. There are different codes that can be used for different needs.