CDMA Mobiles creating revolution in mobile technology

CDMA technology is lesser used technology amongst the two i.e. GSM and CDMA. There have been two major network-providers Tata and Reliance. Recently, MTS has also joined hands with them and has come out of lucrative schemes to create a revolution in competition.

CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access is as smart a technology as GSM mobile networking. Originally known as IS-95, it was developed by Qualcomm and enhanced by Ericsson. It is characterized by small radius but high capacity. CDMA is a form of spread-spectrum signaling and its modulated coded signal has much higher bandwidth than communicated data.

CDMA technology is lesser used technology amongst the two i.e. GSM and CDMA. There have been two major network-providers Tata and Reliance. Recently, MTS has also joined hands with them and has come out of lucrative schemes to create a revolution in competition.

Companies like Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc have been targeting their customers with attractive prices and schemes. An average CDMA handset is very cheap and usually come with cheap connection prices. Initially they could not create their market-hold, due to their lesser subscribers. But now, they are as popular as GSM mobiles.

This technology is more popular in suburbs and villages, where the cost of operating a CDMA handset is quite low. In one such scheme, talking from mobile to mobile with same service provider was almost negligible and hence quite affordable. On the other hand, users have to invest in mobile and connection both for utilizing this service.

Mobile services have improved upon their network and this is the treason that almost every second person utilizes the services with quite an ease.

CDMA handsets are present in all range, from entry level to premium categories. Samsung CDMA handsets are sleek, stylish, and provide its customers full value for money. Similarly Nokia CDMA handsets are trust-worthy and reliable in their approach.

CDMA handset are more popular now days. They can be installed easily and are quite less costly on pockets. Since everyone wants to reduce cost of operation, so they are shifting to CDMA mobiles from much popular GSM connections. Those who have been maintaining a number for professional purposes are opting for another connection to make their calls almost negligible in cost.

The major three players including Tata, Reliance and MTS will give a run to other network-subscribers. Users can reduce their mobile bills by simply making calls from CDMA mobiles.

Spice Mobiles – Introducing a New Technology

Spice had ventured this arena with a phone that had the ability to stand out of the crowd. The dual-sim phone provided instant comfort for people who carry two numbers with them. They have provided with various options like, phone covering two GSM networks, or two CDMA networks or one GSM and other CDMA network.

Spice has been the pioneer in introducing this technology but their phones have received mixed reviews. Some of their mobile phones have been disregarded for their poor battery life performance. The dual-sim technology eats up most of the battery juice while switching between networks and this has resulted in their diminished battery life. Spice has been working on this proposition and has started making handsets with enduring battery life performance.

Spice mobile have been thinking of launching low price mobile phones. They are aimed at users who need just the basic function of a mobile phone i.e. making and receiving calls. Spice mobile phones have tried to integrate features into their mobile phones making them multi-functional. When there are more than ten mobile companies are in competitions with one another, a clear positioning in consumer’s mind is more important than making a souffl of various phone features. No doubt spice has bought together technology and competitive prices to make its phones worthy, but what’s missing is the USP that can keep it alive in heads of the masses

Latest gaming mobile phone from Spice has incorporated high-end features into it. This has bundled the features with easy usability and priced it economically. This is the product that is gaining lots of media attention and its worth will be known pretty soon.

These days Spice has launched its mobile handsets with dual sim like, Spice D-80, Spice D-88, Spice D-90, Spice Spice D-88 has hit the market as India’s first phone with dual sim.D-80 and D-90 support only GSM network whereas Spice D-88 mobile phone supports both GSM and CDMA networks.

You may buy Spice mobile phones from retail outlets or from online through popular online mobile phone shopping websites. You can also compare phones price and features with othe phone in these comparison websites which will give you a clear specification analysis of the phones. You can filter your range, required features and other things too in these sites. The future of this spice seems bright with the kind of innovation they have incorporated. Being establish in one field is remarkable but to live up to that esteem is what lies ahead.

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The Relentless Growth of GSM technology and Its New Waves

Progress of GSM technology – WCDMA and 5G

From GPRS to EDGE to the upcoming WCDMA, GSM technology has touched all heights of communication to the expectation of its users. From 2G to 3G to 5G, it has really taken a giant leap.

WCDMA is the standard air interface technology in the 2GHz bandwidth which is based on the GSM core network infrastructure. WCDMA will create a conflux of technologies like GPRS, EDGE, & GSM and of course, WCDMA itself.

Now, let us take a look at what 5G really is all about. It is actually a hybrid GSM technology, where Voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP, will be embraced as a way to transmit large amounts of data at almost lightening speed. The high-speed bandwidth of 5G phones will let you download movies in just a few minutes and enjoy high-def picture quality by simply connecting the phone to your TV.

With 5G, one needs not worry about network or coverage or roaming since all these will become a thing of the past. You can take your phone overseas without worrying about the network or roaming issues.

New waves in GSM technology: GSM Car Alarm System

Now GSM technology can protect your car from theft! Designed to protect, the car alarm system can automatically stop the car when in face of a danger and call 3 phone numbers. Features like voice prompt, override switch, shocking alarm, parking reminder, trigger alarm, bonnet opening alarm, power-off alarm, intercom, automatic central lock etc. are integrated in this amazing system.

The GSM technology car alarm system can talk to the car via phone; can check the system status using the same phone and can even locate where the car is.

The third generation in GSM technology promises to bring about excellent voice clarity, longer battery life, enhanced color display, and better sound quality in ringtones even in low-priced handsets. The technology will increase the talk time by improving battery life, improve the loudness of voice so that the users do not experience any difficulty in understanding what the caller is saying in noisy surroundings.

Smartphones, the new avatar of mobile phones, are equipped with ample features that can keep users glued to their phones for hours. The new smartphones are the results of the developments in GSM technology that has excellently blended the OS with the hardware.

Technology will continue to advance itself. The growth cannot be stopped and neither the advantages that one can gain from a GSM phone.

GSM Mobile Phones Technology for Today!

Also known as unlocked cell phones, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. Global System for Mobile is a second generation communication standard developed to provide voice services and data transfer by means of digital modulation. The subscribers of GSM fall under the GSM worldwide network and who can operate their phones at any place around the world.

In this ever changing technology world, now you dont have to stick to the same phone as GSM mobile has a SIM card, which can get inserted in any of the GSM device. Moreover, GSM mobile provides more functionality and is handy.

In the month of January 2011, India saw an addition of 13.7 million new GSM subscribers which bring the total number to over 556.6 million. It is anticipated that almost 80% of the worlds mobile market is served under this technology encompassing more than 1.5 billion people across more than 212 countries, making GSM the most universal technology. Owing to these numerical figures, India seems to be a great market place for mobile phone manufacturers and as well as service providers. There are many GSM Mobile Phones obtainable in the markets which are packed with distinguishing features at an affordable price. In 2010, GSM mobile phone manufacturers have shown a massive growth in their sales.

The rationale behind such a tremendous growth is not merely the price discrimination but also the non-price discrimination as well, i.e. the features accompanied with the mobile phones. As a new mobile is launched every next day, the users have various alternatives available almost in the same price range set by various manufacturers. Moreover, it is due to this level of competition only that the features like FM Radio and Camera is now available in all the latest models. The makers of the GSM mobile phone have made the fundamental multimedia features a principle feature in every device. This is because even the well set and recognized companies are getting tough fight from the fresh entrants who have also surveyed the market well before.

GSM mobile phones are more popular in India because they offer more mobility and better network. In contrast to its counterpart CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) technology or locked cell phones, GSM technology mobile phones holds numerous abilities including high-speed data, social networking, integrated voice mail, call privacy, paging, fraud prevention and short messages services.

Major respectful brands playing in India are:

Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung, SonyEricsson, LG, Apple, Spice, MicromaxQTek StarGSM, Wynncom.

The major reason why so many companies are attracted into this business is the benefit that this technology provides. What is so beneficial about GSM technology is that a GSM mobile phone will work with any other GSM service anywhere in the world as long as it has the same frequency. In place of programming unique information in the phone it is programmed in a chip or SIM card. You just have to acquire a new SIM from the new service provider and your device will start functioning as per the new network. It is simple and surprising!

Finally, it reveals that if you are on a world tour, all you require is one GSM mobile phone and a SIM card friendly with the GSM frequencies of other nations. It is a good option to carry a single GSM enabled phone than to drag different cell phones or figuring out alternative means of communication.

Hence, GSM can surely be stated as a technology for Today and Tomorrow!