Jobs for Felons in Information Technology – Have what it takes

Information technology job opportunities for felons pay well and offer fast career advancement. IT jobs for felons do require extensive technical knowledge but the main advantage to IT jobs for felons is that demand for IT skills is high compared to other industries even during the current economic downturn.

According to the most recent study by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT jobs are expected to grow more than twice as fast as the average for all other occupations. This report takes into account the recent dot-com bust and recovery as well as outsourcing trends. In other words, even with the off shoring of IT jobs and the economic slump, the IT industry is still one of the leading growth industries in the U.S. today.

Information Technology Jobs for Felons

So what IT jobs for felons are available?

Information Technology is the study, design, implementation and management of computer-based information systems, chiefly software applications and computer hardware.

The IT jobs for felons that are in high demand include computer software engineers, network systems and data communications analysts, systems analysts, and network and systems administrators, again according to the Department of Labor’s report.

Since the IT field is quite large, there is no one personality type that is needed to succeed. There is room for introverted, both technical IT people and extroverted business or sales-oriented IT people.

However, the one quality that all IT people must have is a willingness to keep on learning. The software programs and computer hardware of today will be outdated in a few years so IT professionals must study new technologies constantly.

Jobs for Felons: Information Technology

Information technology is one of those career paths that are suitable for ex-felons because there are a lot of IT jobs for felons available due to the industrys high growth rate.

If you apply for regular employment then you will definitely have to go through a background check. This can be a problem if the IT job involves handling a lot of sensitive information. Whether you will be able to land a job after the employer finds out about your past will depend on the type of felony, recency and evidence of rehabilitation.

One option you can look into is working freelance. No background checks will be involved since you will not be employed by any company or organization. Freelance IT jobs for felons simply entail looking for clients and working as an independent contractor. This has become very popular among felons because the internet has made it easier than ever before to find freelance IT job opportunities for felons online. You can even work from the comfort of your own home. This is a great option for people who want to spend more time with their families as well as those who have disabilities.

Jobs for Felons: Information Technology

Almost all colleges and universities in the U.S. have IT programs so you will not have any problems finding the right certification, diploma or degree program for you. You can choose to either study on campus or online.

The best high-paying IT jobs for felons do require a bachelors degree in information technology and/or certification so keep that in mine if you want to work for the top IT companies.

On the other hand, there are a few companies that offer on-the-job training although this is mostly for entry-level jobs.

For freelance work, you will need at least some certifications and probably an associate degree. Clients who hire freelancers will look at both qualifications and experience so once you have established a good IT work history you will be able to choose from among the better-paying IT jobs for felons.

Information Technology Jobs for Felons: Summary

Information technology jobs for felons are a good choice for ex-offenders because they pay well. IT is also a fast-growing industry with many job opportunities for felons. Information technology is a large field and people of all personality types can succeed in this type of work but you should be willing to learn and master constantly evolving technologies. In addition, you will need to finish a diploma or degree course in information technology to get the best jobs for felons available.

Imagine A World Without Wires Bluetooth Technology

You’ve no doubt started to hear a lot about bluetooth technology and for good reason. Thanks to its technology, users of bluetooth can enjoy low bandwidth benefits through their wireless connections. With its short-range, low power technology, users can easily network without wires. By being able to send and receive data at up to 720kbs, bluetooth technology customers can use radio waves to communicate with each other, or their Bluetooth enabled devices.

Imagine a world without wires.

Blue Tooth Specs
The specifications for bluetooth technology devices allows for different classes of radio transmission ranges. These ranges can reach up to about 300 feet by boosting the radio power. This technology isn’t limited to line of sight as the waves it utilizes are directional waves, which are capable of transmitting through various obstructions.

Industry Model
Quickly becoming the wireless communications industry standard, the real benefit of bluetooth is that it goes beyond the old-world uses and connects all types of devices. Imagine connecting your computer to your cell phone, digital camera, laptop, PDA or any other digital device – without messy wires. It shouldn’t take you long before you see that bluetooth is going to completely redefine wireless. No more wires. You can share information like never before. Need to print something from your cell phone? No problem. With bluetooth technology enabled devices, you can.

Imagine a world without wires! Bluetooth removes the need for wires while still providing the connectivity our businesses need. Thanks to this low cost solution, you can link all of your bluetooth enabled devices and experience communications the way it should be.

How many times have you tried to move information from one device to another, only to find that you dont have the proper adapter? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to download your family photos from your digital camera and cell phone camera easily, regardless of where you are?

One of the current downsides of wireless technology is the strength of its signal. Often you’re worried about whether or not there will be any interference or interruption of your signal by other devices that operate on the same frequency. Worry no more. Blue Tooth is known for its solid signal, and ability to operate with efficiency even when other devices operate on the same frequency.

Using a 2.4GHz frequency, bluetooth allows you connectivity throughout the world. It doesn’t matter where you are, more than likely, there is a signal waiting for your bluetooth device.

Security is one of the major drawbacks to wireless security. Bluetooth provides its users with advanced technology that will ensure security of your information. Its difficult for conversations to be heard or data compromised through Bluetooth enabled devices. There have even been questions raised about whether or not the police, FBI or CIA would be able to tap into Bluetooth cellphones.

Did You Know:

– Not surprisingly technology leaders around the world such as Nokia, Ericsson and IBM are involved with Bluetooth along with thousands of other organizations, who utilize their expertise to further the number of devices that are Bluetooth enabled.
– which is 3-8 times faster than the average serial port.
– The technology known as Bluetooth earned its name from the Danish King Harald Bluetooth Blaatand, who is credited with unifying Norway and Denmark. When Bluetooth technology was created, it too had the aim of unifying the computing and telecom industries.

Another great feature of bluetooth technology is its ability to optimize its power consumption. The radio feature is very power friendly and the device itself only consumes a minimal amount of power that it ‘borrows’ from a cell phone.

Latest Teeth Cleaning Technology Available Today

If you care about your overall health, oral care should definitely within your priority list. Isnt it that the teeth are one of a persons physical assets? And coupled with a great smile, anybody can instantly attract another persons attention.

So if youre one individual who wants to gain more self confidence, perhaps its time to give importance to the condition of your teeth. Go look yourself in the mirror and check whether your teeth are getting yellowish or if they have cavities. If you have problems, then book an appointment with your dentist right away.

As you may already know, the U.S. is one of the leading countries in the world where cosmetic dental procedures have greatly flourished in recent years. San Francisco in California is just one of the many progressive cities where many skilled dentists abound. If you live within the Bay Area, you will surely find a reputable dental professional who can help you in the oral care aspect of your health.

Teeth cleaning procedures in San Francisco now utilize more advanced technology unlike in the past. Dentists there have become very competitive that theyre always on the lookout for the latest technology that will make them more efficient in the area of teeth cleaning, whitening and restoration.

Cleaning the teeth has been taught to us by our parents since our toddler years hence this should be practiced as a standard procedure at least thrice daily from morning till night during the growing up years. Ideally, dentists recommend in-office teeth cleaning at least once a year for adults. This may vary, though, as some would recommend every six months while the others at least once in two years. This is to ensure that the condition of the teeth is well maintained and any cavity-filled tooth is fixed and the rotten ones pulled out.

Professional teeth cleaning is often referred to as prophylaxis. During this procedure, your dentist in San Francisco will remove plaque that gradually developed in difficult-to-reach areas despite proper oral care at home. Other steps that may be taken are tooth scaling, polishing and when much tartar is present, a debridement may be done as well to loosen and eventually get rid of the deposits from the teeth.

Apart from the prophylaxis, a yearly routine examination including a dental x-ray would also be beneficial to anybody. In this way, any problems will be detected earlier.

Laser Dentistry
When it comes to technology, there is now a laser-assisted teeth cleaning procedure suing the ezlase system. With this new laser tool, cleaning and sterilizing below the gumline is now made possible. This is considered a more comfortable and less painful option for people with gum disease compared to having the gums scraped.

Also, this system is beneficial for the recontouring of the soft tissue notably for those who want to undergo a smile makeover. People with braces can take advantage of this as well.

The Advancement In Touch Screen Technology

For just about 40 years now, touch screen technology had been around. Since the early days of this technology, progress have come at a very quick pace. At the moment they are used in every day life, with loads of uses. Touch screens are used by most people nearly every day today. They are getting more and more common at the moment, with items such as ATM bank machines and the state of the art ipad. No need to use a pen to control the graphical user interface presently either. These ipads are truly portable, as they do not need a mouse or keyboard to control them. These touch screens can now sense more than one point of contact at a time, with it’s multi touch technology.

Touch screens are a visual display that can sense the presence and location of pressure with the display area. Smart phones, all in one computers and lots more products have this form of technology incorporated. With direct interaction with the screen, it is certainly easier then having to use a mouse or keyboard. Touch screen technology is incorporated in navigation units today. The Pioneer avh-p4200dvd is an in-dash receiver that uses this technology. It has loads of features, that can be accessed by simply touching the screen. Decide what you wish to do on the system by simply touching the function on the menu page, this will take you to that functions settings. Radio with a super tuner and presets are included, CD player to play all of your music, DVD player to play movies. These fit straight into your dashboard, and are getting more and more common recently. The navigation system gets you to your destination positively easily. It will direct you to your destination turn by turn, once you have programmed final zip code or place name. Display images on these screens can be in 2D or 3D, that gives you a birds eye view of the area. You can make and receive phone calls, hands free with it’s built in bluetooth technology. An awesome feature, as nowadays the police are clamping down drivers who use there cell phones whilst at the wheel.

Who knows where this technology will end up, it has surely come a long way in a short period of time.

Technology PR Drupal Tools for Going Viral With Your Content

One of the many advantages of using the Drupal platform for building your website is the variety of modules and other tools that are available for customization. Drupal modules are a driving functionality force for your website from customizing views and page titles to content creation kits and an SEO checklist. Theyre free for download and usage, allowing for nearly endless tinkering and tuning with your Drupal site.

If your firm specializes in technology-focused niche markets, its even more critical to keep up with the growing needs of this crazy Web 2.0 world we live in. Sharing content through an online community will help you establish authority, expand your audience, generate leads, attract investors, and solidify brand advantage. But, you need the right tools to make it easy for your readers to pass along your content through their own social networks. As more of your content goes viral, you will build a solid community of brand fans that help spread your message and your business.

Use the following technology PR Drupal tools to go viral with your content, while building your brand community:

ShareThis Module

The ShareThis Drupal module allows you to implement the ShareThis bookmarking utility on selected node types. Visitors who enjoy a piece of your content can easily share it on a variety of different social sites like Facebook, Digg, Reddit,, Myspace, Technorati and Stumbleupon.

You can select the node types you wish to display by turning the ShareThis module on or place a ShareThis block if you wish to keep the content from going viral. The ShareThis module provides a great tool for building your brand community by giving your visitors an easy method to spread your word for you. It can be downloaded at

AddThis Button

Another great Drupal tool for building your brand is the AddThis Button. Install this button and let it do all the hard work for you! The AddThis button spreads your content across the Web by making it easier for your visitors to bookmark and share it with other people ad nauseum.

It is a simple, yet powerful, button that is very easy to install, and provides valuable Analytics about the bookmarking and sharing activity of your users. It also helps your visitors create a buzz for your site and increase its popularity and ranking. It can be downloaded at

Add to Any Share/Bookmark Button

The AddtoAnys Share/Bookmark widget helps readers share, save, bookmark, and email web pages and stories using any of the 100 or more social media platforms. This button comes with a customizable Smart Menu, which places the services visitors use at the top of the menu, based on each visitors browsing and sharing history. This module can be downloaded at

For more than ten years, the technology PR firm MediaFirst has been combining creativity and engineering to deliver great public and media relations for technology firms in their respective niches. If your firm needs help building an online brand community with viral content, select MediaFirst for your next technology PR campaign.

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